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Formerly known as Brighthelmstone, this wonderful town used to be a simple fishing village during the earlier centuries. It was not until the late 18th century that Brighthelmstone gained much attention when a doctor prescribed the seawater coming from this town to his patients. From then on, it attracted several visitors including the royalties. With the continued patronage of the visitors from all over the world, the tourism in Brighton flourished. The well-known Royal Pavilion that used to be a royal residence of King George IV before it was bought by the government is now a major attraction. Through the years, Brighton evolved from a simple fishing village into a beach getaway with various hotels and commercial establishments. Among the most popular is the Brighton Marina, a man-made marina with a working harbour that is filled with residential and commercial establishments. Aside from its beach, Brighton is also filled with bright lights, colourful shows and amazing sights. The loveliness of the city was further accentuated by the architecture of the villages in the city. The economic growth brought by tourism was complemented by the promotion of its cultural arts. All over the city, there is motley of festivals, drama, opera, street theatre, outdoor spectacles, film, night shows, galleries, museums and lot more making Brighton one of the most cultural cities in Europe. There are a lot of museums, theatres, bars, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres that can be found all over the city. Today, Brighton is among the top holiday destinations in Europe. Tourists from all walks of life pour all over the place not only to indulge in its innate beauty and art but also to relax and be free in a city that fosters openness, creativity and diversity.